• amberlogue
  • An Organic Jewel Born from a Thriving Forest A Drop of Ancient Brilliance

    A tree resin given solid form after eons, amber is a plant-originated jewel. Amber harvested in Kuji is as old as 85 million years and widely beloved thanks to its mysterious, fascinating beauty and diverse colors, with about 250 types such as yellow, red, brown and black. Amberlogue is our new product line, which was realized by bringing together precious raw ambers. Be it in casual or formal settings, the warm, delicate brilliance of Amberlogue jewelries brings out the inner selves of women.

  • The Amber

    One charm of amber is its warmth, which is unlike that of inorganic jewels. Being a rare organic jewel, amber has long been regarded as a jewel that protects women. Its antiseptic effect, unique to amber, has made it a precious kind of incense for royalty and aristocrats. Its exceptional effectiveness had earned it the name kunnoko (fragrant material). Amber is a jewel that is beloved all around the world. A variety of stories explain its origin—tears of the Heliades in Greek mythology, a fragment of the sun in ancient Prussian writings, and tears of a mermaid in Russian legend. As a company that deals with the entire process of amber production—from mining at our own amber mines through polishing and making it into a finished product—we, KUJI KOHAKU (“Kohaku” means “amber” in Japanese), would like to propose a new amber style.

  • Refined Quality

    Just as tiny pieces of mined gold are refined for purity, KUJI KOHAKU’s Refined Amber is made from carefully picked pieces of amber. It is the ultimate amber ingot, with 100% purity achieved without mixing or adding—a new aspect of amber brought forth by our Master Refiner, who knows everything there is to know about amber. It has a beauty that resides only in 100% natural, pure amber, which is nowhere to be found in unrefined amberoid or heated amber. Refined Amber, KUJI KOHAKU’s new material, drives forward our pursuit of new possibilities for amber jewels. The essence of Refined Amber is crystalized in our new brand—Amberlogue.

  • Vintage Class

    Kuji is blessed with abundant forests where metasequoia still grows naturally. In the amber harvested from the Santonian Layer of the Cretaceous Period in the Mesozoic Era, a feather was discovered in a piece of amber. It was from a creature caught in the evolution from dinosaur to bird, and the amber piece was named “Fairy.” Amber is a time capsule. From the ancient forest of Kuji some 85 million years ago, many new animals and plants have been discovered, making Kuji a renowned amber production area, not only commercially but also archaeologically. With such a vintage, the amber of Kuji has been given a new beauty after millions of years. The first element of our quality standard is to exclusively use precious amber that has been produced by eons. That is the brand policy of Amberlogue.

  • Color & Pattern

    It is neither light brown, nor flaxen. In Refined Amber, the unevenness of color found in most of the mined amber has been eliminated, leaving only a deep and soft color. The second element of our quality standard is “color” and the third is “pattern.” The refining processes for the Refined Amber that goes into Amberlogue is strictly controlled according to 15 types. There are three patterns—Tortoise Shell, Monotone and Gradation, with five colors for each pattern, from Dark to Bright. We are happy to provide free amber styling to meet your demand, such as producing a made-to-order jewel with a specific color and pattern or providing it as an ingot. Please refer to our sample box.

  • Carat

    Amber is an ancient resin that has resurfaced today. Rough amber harvested in Kuji after 85 million years of sleep is so delicate that it cracks as soon as it touches air. A large chunk, a crumbled fragment, or a tiny piece the size of a teardrop—each is equally valuable, 100% natural amber. The fourth element of our quality standard of Refined Amber, in which we never waste a single piece of precious Kuji amber when making it into an ingot, is “carat.” Amberlogue presents sizes and forms that are not possible from rough amber.

  • Cut & Carve

    One of the amber styles Amberlogue proposes is form-work. The Jewel Line features pierced earrings and necklace pieces, among many others, that were produced from free form-works, such as round, cube and dimple. Products featured in the Gadget Line include spoons and butter knives with a unique silhouette. The last elements of our quality standard of Refined Amber are “cut” and “carve.” Free and flexible form-works that are possible thanks to the shape of the ingot plate expand the creative possibilities for “time with amber.”

  • Urban Amber Style

    Another amber style Amberlogue proposes is art-work. Diverse pieces produced from an ingot plate encounter different materials, creating our Fashion Line. The first item for the line is a tote bag. The motif of amber pieces surfacing on the earth is expressed by 50 embedded Refined Amber pieces, which is also reminiscent of a bird, like the ostrich-skin bags. We named it “Santonian,” after the Santonian Layer of the Cretaceous period in which “Fairy” was discovered.

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